Gluten Free Food Substitutes

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Gluten is a type of protein found in mainly in Wheat, Barley and Rye. People having intestinal diseases can not consume gluten since small amount of gluten can produce abnormal immune responses, damaging the small intestine. People with such a disease often experience gas, bloating, weight loss, diarrhea, weakness, and vomiting etc. because the damaged intestines can not absorb the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that lead to anemia and osteoporosis. There is no treatment for this disease but the only precaution one can take is to avoid foods that contain gluten.

People who need to avoid gluten rich products may have unclear about what to eat and what to avoid since the food grains having gluten are extensively used in wide range of products. Therefore they always need to be on their guard while deciding upon their menu. This may prove to be a little bit frustrating sometimes but now a days many alternate types of meals are available that are totally free of gluten and fit well into the daily eating plan as increasing awareness about the gluten allergy, many food manufacturers have started producing products free of gluten.

If you are one of those people suffering from gluten allergy then on your next trip to the grocery store, make sure to start with the fresh produce section for nutrient rich, low-fat, low-sodium fruits and veggies. You can them move on to the seafood section where you will get fresh meat, poultry, and sea foods that are naturally G-free. Use caution when choosing luncheon meat and other processed meats as these may contain gluten as fillers or flavor enhancers, so check out the ingredients carefully. If you have lactose intolerance too then try lactose free milk, yogurt, and hard cheese as these are usually well received by the digestive system. You can also go for plain rice, dried beans and legumes, spices and herbs, Peanut butter, cooking oils etc.

Also at times it becomes problematic for such people to go out and dine at restaurants or eat at parties since they have to always on their guard. As for dining out is concerned, there is good news. Many fast food joints and traditional restaurants have already started serving non gluten dishes along side the normal ones. A number of such restaurants can be easily found by just searching via Google.

As already mentioned every day more and more companies in the food business are waking up to this new niche and are including products that are free of gluten, in their range, then providing an increasingly wider variety for people to choose from.

Source by Daniel Nicholson