Is Gluten Free the Same As Yeast Free?

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If you are looking for a one word answer, then its No! Gluten Free means there is no gluten, which comes from wheat, in the product. Wheat products are things such as bread, cakes, and biscuits to name a few, unless they specifically state that they are free of it. Some supermarkets and grocery stores carry gluten absent products.

On the other hand, Yeast does not contain gluten, so a product can contain yeast and still be gluten free or vice versa. Yeast is a baker's friend and the human bodies enemy. Yeast is a fungus / mold and used in fermentation. It is used in nearly all bread products and in the fermenting process for beer. Although, there are recipes out there for bread and other foods that are yeast free, as well as gluten free, and free of a lot of other things to. Yeast is bad for the human body, so needless to say, removing it from ones diet would help clean ones body and remove any toxins and or other harmful chemicals derived from yeast "enhanced" products.

So the answer is no, they are not the same thing, gluten and wheat are similar but I would not say they are the same either. One similarity that both gluten and yeast share, is the fact that living without them, is much healthier for you and your body, and there are many benefits of removing them your daily diets. Some of the benefits are weight loss, more energy, get into better shape, it helps many different medical problems, and several day-to-day problems. The benefits are too long to list, most of them are health related, but in this health conscious world, how could you go wrong?

Source by Jarrett Sexton