Barilla Gluten Free Pasta Sampler Pack of 3 – Penne, Rotini, Elbows 12 oz each

Certified Gluten-Free
Great Tast, Made with Corn and Rice
Sample Pack of 3 styles of Pasta – Rotini, Penne, and Elbows

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Barilla Gluten Free Pasta, Spaghetti, 12 oz

Barilla Gluten Free Spaghetti is made with corn & rice, contains no GMO ingredients & is certified Gluten Free
Spaghetti is the most popular shape in Italy
Barilla Gluten Free pasta has the great taste & texture you can feel good about including into your favorite pasta dishes

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Barilla Gluten Free Spaghetti Pasta

Twisted tubular shape that is traditionally used in soups
Cooks in 7 minutes
Holds sauce well and can be used in a variety of dishes and with any sauce

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