Elements Truffles – Dairy Free Chocolate Bar – Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Raw & Fully Organic Chocolate Bar – Ayurveda Inspired Healthy Chocolate Bar

YOU HAVE TO TRY THEM ALL – Each Element Truffles Chocolates offer a completely unique and decadent flavor. Why not try each flavor and find the one that suits you best? Cool peppermint with stress relief lavender, tangy oranges & carefully cured quinoa with our bespoke turmeric twist, an earthy, spicy & romantic flavor of rose and cardamom, sweet and salty with a touch of bitter turmeric, & our perfect combination of chocolate and raspberries for a delicate taste with beetroot for immunity
AYURVEDA INSPIRED – All our chocolates have been inspired by & designed in accordance with Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of medicine – Lavender helps balance the Vaata dosha (airy element) of your body to improve overall metabolism & skin health
DAIRY FREE CHOCOLATE – We offer 100% dairy free chocolate bars that are also free of common emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives & synthetic flavors/scents – Pure, raw chocolate bars with no refined sugar/synthetic sweeteners

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